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Remember? Singer-songwriter, storyteller and traveling musician BOB WAYNE lost a bet. When he missed shooting the apple and accidentally shot the midget instead his stake was recording a cover of one of his best friends’ choice. While BOB WAYNE was 110% convinced that his cover of “All About That Bass” got him into serious trouble his record company felt differently and offered him a bag full of cash to do an album of cover versions. After six albums of all original music by Outlaw Country singer BOB WAYNE, he now gives us his take on some of the world’s biggest hits. There are no boundaries on “Hits The Hits”. “I grew up with my mum playing Led Zeppelin records“, BOB WAYNE recalls. “When I was in 6th grade my older sister gave me a Guns N’ Roses shirt from ‘Appetite For Destruction’ and I wore that shirt all through middle school. That shirt got me into mixing with the guys playing metal.” Hence you will not find it all too surprising that BOB WAYNE picked songs like “Rock And Roll”, “Sweet Child O’ Mine” or even “Sympathy For The Devil” for his album of cover versions. Even “I Shot The Sheriff” makes perfect sense. Still, BOB WAYNE wanted to develop the idea of cover versions further on “Hits The Hits” that was recorded at Agartha Studios in Nashville TN in January 2015 and produced, recorded, engineered and mixed by Andy Gibson. BOB WAYNE covers songs all the way from Rihanna to Led Zeppelin and Adele to The Offspring, putting his Country roots spin on them while not leaving out the classic BOB WAYNE edge. “When I had the idea to record a cover album my first thoughts were Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, so my biggest influences in this kind of music”, says BOB WAYNE. “However, in the end, you cannot top Johnny Cash. Until now I had never really played any cover versions, not even live, simply because you cannot hit the mark of Johnny Cash. Whenever I play his songs it is never as good as the original.” Still, Cash’s highly successful “American Recordings” planted the seed of doing an album with cover versions in BOB WAYNE. “On those he covered Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave or Tom Petty just as acoustic versions. ‘Hits The Hits’ is my attempt to do covers myself, but with a full band, so including everything from fiddle to banjos… I did it my style. The challenge was pretty exciting.” If you are already a BOB WAYNE believer, this album will be a nice change of pace, if you are new to the BOB WAYNE train - hang on for the ride! And make sure to stay tuned to a series of webisodes that BOB WAYNE is releasing on his youtube channel: Who knows, you might even meet a midget along the way…

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Bob Wayne
Bad Hombre

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Bob Wayne: announces new album "Bad Hombre" and further headlining shows for extensive European tour
2/8/2017 • While BOB WAYNE is still busy in the studio recording his brand new album "Bad Hombre", which is set for a release on May 5th, 2017, the singer, songwriter, storyteller and nomad announces a number of additional dates for his trek which will see him traveling Europe over the course of more than 2,5 ...
Bob Wayne: announces European headlining tour starting in April 2017
12/19/2016 • While BOB WAYNE is working on a new studio album the singer, songwriter, storyteller and nomad announces the next extensive European tour. BOB WAYNE live 28.04.17 (FR) Chessy - Billy Bobs Country Western Saloon 29.04.17 (DE) Essen - Freak Show Bar 30.04.17 (BE) Brugge - Barock 03.05.17 (DE) ...


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